The CityShare® Centralized Cashiering Application is a complete and fully integrated solution that provides payment collection and reporting tools for all billings and fees generated by the municipal entity. The application can handle cash, checks, credit cards, lockboxes and electronic transfers. It supports bar code scanners and receipt printers and can be deployed with a full POS cashiering station for front counter placement or in a self-service kiosk. The cashiering application integrates automatically with all other Suites in the CityShare┬« Platform to apply payments reliably and accurately. The number of cashiers and cashier locations is unlimited. Security is maintained through unique user login credentials with tightly controlled access to financial transactions. Multiple bill types and revenue categories may be set up for multi-jurisdictional collections. All applications utilize a consolidated database with a secure user login with access control, departmental reporting and electronic signoffs. The application provides workflow controls to send notifications or emails to other users based on predefined workflow events. The application provides everything you need to deliver a more effective governmental accounting solution.

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